Global Congress on

Business Management, Economics & Entrepreneurship 

25-26 November 2019 , DURBAN JEWISH CENTRE


Message from the Conference Organisers

The Global Congress on "Business Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship" is an annual Conference co-hosted by the Southern African Training Academy (SATA). This global event is covering a broad range of topics in Business Management, Economics, Human Resources Management  and Entrepreneurship.

The aim of this Conference is to provide a platform for academicians, educators, researchers, practitioners, managers, graduate students, and entrepreneurs from different cultural backgrounds to present and discuss numerous research projects, current developments and innovations in the fields mentioned above. It provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and implementation experiences, to establish business or research connections and to find global partners for future collaborations.

As part of the Conference, the Organizing Committee is offering all delegates a choice to make from two separate workshops that were are inviting you to contact the conference secretary in order to register for:

  • Workshop 1: "From Pennies to Pounds: Saving and Making Money for a Better Life"

  • Workshop 2: "How to Build a Property Portfolio and Become Financially Free"

  • Workshop 3: "Leadership development training"


The City of Durban in South Africa is one of the best cities in the world. It provides a lot of attractions to visitors with a wonderful beach alongside the Indian Ocean. The Durban Jewish Centre where this event will take place is just located at a walking distance to the beach and displays numerous natural views. We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful City of Durban, South Africa. Please contact the conference secretary at if you want to inquire about the conference, sponsorship's categories, workshop and accommodation.  

With best wishes,

2018 SATA Conference Team















The following topics will be covered during the 2019 global event:

  1. Organizational Behavior, Organizational Change and Organizational Culture

  2. Leadership and Management

  3. Human Resources Management

  4. Operations and Supply Chain Management

  5. Innovation and Technology Management

  6. Design of Goods & Services, Advanced Manufacturing Technology & Product and Process Innovation

  7. Project & Quality Management:

  • Managing Operations Across the Supply Chain

  • Operations Research

  • Project Management

  • Total Quality Management 

  • Six Sigma Initiative

  • Green Technology

  • Logistic Management

  • New Product Development

  • New Service Development

8. Inventory Management, Plant and location, Service Operations Management, Global Operation Management

9. Marketing Management:

  • Advertising Management

  • Fundamentals of Marketing & Assessing Marketing Performance

  • International Marketing & Marketing Research

  • Marketing Strategy, Service Marketing & Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Marketing Innovation and Planning

  • Delivering Customer Value

  • Direct Marketing, E-Marketing & Relationship Marketing

  • Customer Service and Customer Relations

  • Sales Strategies, Marketing Research & Marketing Data Analysis

  • Marketing and International Consumers

  • Marketing Theory and Application

  • Marketing Case Studies, Contemporary Issues in Marketing & Consumer Behavior

10. Financial Management and Accounting: 

  • Corporate Finance and Governance

  • Cost Management, Finance & Investment

  • Financial Markets and Institution

  • Capital Budgeting, Capital Market, Credit Risk Modelling and Management

  • Financial Engineering, Foreign Exchange Markets, Law and Finance

  • Mergers and Acquisitions & Mutual Funds Management

  • Portfolio Management, Regulations of Financial Markets & Venture Capital

  • Accounting and Finance, Behavioral Accounting and Finance

  • Electronic Banking, Electronic Finance, Financial Markets and Derivatives

  • Financial Services Management

11. Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Contemporary Issues:

  • Approaches and Models of Strategic Management

  • Challenges to Strategic Management

  • Corporate Strategy Formulation Approaches

  • SWOT Analysis and Carrying Out Business Strategy

  • Types of Business Competitive Strategy

  • Types of Cooperative Strategy

  • Situational Analysis for Strategic Planning

  • Problems of Global Strategy

  • Problems in Implementing Growth and Retrenchment Strategies

  • Relationship of Management by Objectives and Strategic Management

  • Relationship of Total Quality Management and Strategic Issues

  • Leadership and Leading Types for Effective Strategy Formulation and Implementation

  • International Strategic Performance Measurement

  • Strategic Issues in Managing Technology and Innovation

  • Categories of Innovation for Proper Strategy Formulation

  • Role of the Entrepreneur as Strategist, Operations and Supply Chain Strategy.

12. Green Business & Green logistics 

13. Business Ethics, Consumer Protection & Environmental Protection

14. Management and Economics Education

15. Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century: challenges and new developments 



Situated less than 200 metres from North Beach, Durban, the Durban Jewish Centre (DJC) is a fully equipped functions and events centre. The DJC is able to provide facilities to suit whatever your requirements dictate. Their fully staffed amenities include a coffee shop, a fully licensed bar, kosher and general kitchens – all under one roof. Sound, decor and a choice of caterers are available from professional, accredited registered service providers.

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