Many people decided to go through life imprisoned by poverty and ignorance, a jail of their own making when the key to door is within their reach. It breaks my heart to see highly educated middle-class employees working extremely hard for money. The harder they work, the poorer they become. The very same thing that they are working hard to acquire enslaves them because they lack financial education! They are trapped in debts because they call liability an asset.

This book will assist you in building a successful company without any capital upfront. It teaches you how to take advantage of online freely available resources and technology to launch a business. This is not about quick money; it’s about becoming smart, working hard and achieving financial freedom. The reason you need to learn how to build your own business is because you need to stop working for money. Rich people don’t work for money! In this book, you will discover that you don’t have to underestimate yourself and your passionate thoughts, particularly if your ideas are about solving other people’s problems.

By reading this book, you will be able to reinvent yourself by becoming more creative, capable to reason in order to solve your real financial woes using interdisciplinary approaches provided by the gurus of this digital era.

E-book "Startup a business with no money"


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